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Dear rally friends,

In about one week’s time, the 68th Tulpenrallye will start in Frankfurt with 180 equipes. We are looking forward to a wonderful week with the long-term weather forecast indicating dry weather and temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. Characteristic for the 68th Tulpenrallye is the relatively short approach route from the Netherlands to Frankfurt Germany (only 410 kilometers from Utrecht) and the double overnight stay in Colmar (Horbourg-Wihr).
Unfortunately, during the Prologue/Documentary Control there were many rejections and technical points of attention. If we want to continue our hobby in the future, noise should really be taken seriously. Please do pay attention to the information about the Rallycheck app, Covid and advertising further on in this Newsletter.
Everybody is welcome again at the finish location in Valkenburg the Netherlands on Saturday May 14th, 2022.
We hope to see you in Frankfurt on Sunday May 8th, 2022! Have a good journey!
Kind regards,
Organization Committee 68th Tulpenrallye

Gravenbrucher Tour May 8th, 2022

Many crews have signed up for the Gravenbrucher tour. The start takes place between 12.00 and 15.00 hours. To prevent driving in convoy, a starting list has been drawn up. The starting list can be found via this link. Please do not start the Gravenbrucher Tour earlier than your allocated time. The Gravenbrucher tour itself has no time schedule. Please make sure you are in time for the mandatory presence at the last formalities. These are described in the two documents sent by Rallyoffice to participants with the title “Reception Tulpenrallye May 8th, 2022” for the Frankfurt location.
Equipes who have not yet registered for the Gravenbrucher tour can do so in the Head Quarter hotel. There is a limited number of route books available.

Advertising (Article 6.7 regulations)

In recent years we have noticed that more and more advertising and company names are present on the cars of participants. Article 6.7 of the regulation’s states that the display of personal advertising on the car is NOT permitted, not even by business entrants. During the scrutineering in the Netherlands a large number of equips were noted about the fact that they do not (yet) comply with these rules. All advertising must be removed or properly covered. In order to treat everyone equally, we will enforce on this.
For sponsors there is a special possibility to drive around with a company logo, this can be done by sponsoring the famous Dutchman car of Gijs van Lennep.

Tulpenrallye app, Rallycheck app and Information Point

The Tulpenrallye App will be used again this year during the rally. Participants, start lists, results and the explanation maps of the routes are included in the app. You can enter your team settings, this saves time finding your results. The maps are only available in the Tulpenrallye app.
The Rallycheck App will be used by all crews to digitally take over the Route control card before every return moment and send it to the Results center. Questions regarding the rally can be submitted digitally via the Rallycheck app from this year onwards.
The Tulpenrallye Information Point will be set up daily around the finish location, with a committee member present. Only information that is not shared via the app, such as an overview of speeding fines or announcements, will be posted on the board. Urgent announcements will also be posted here.

Dieleman Rally cap

Dieleman Seeds has become a loyal sponsor. This year everyone will receive the one and only Dieleman Tulpenrallye cap. This cap will be handed out during the start on Monday.

Dress code: Summer Chic

During the previous edition of the Tulpenrallye we introduced the dress code “Tulpenrallye smart casual”. This dress code is also valid this year for the festive dinner and the subsequent party. Smart casual can be translated into Summer Chic. For gentlemen for example, the Tulpenrallye blazer combined with summery trousers and a fresh shirt can be worn. For the ladies, the Tulpenrallye dress is of course very suitable, but other festive clothing is also possible.

Tulpenrallye 2022 HQ locations

Sunday May 8th            Frankfurt, (D)
Monday May 9th           Karlsruhe, (D)
Tuesday May 10th        Horbourg-Wihr, (F)
Wednesday May 11th   Horbourg-Wihr, (F)
Thursday May 12th       Nancy, (F)
Friday May 13th            Luxembourg, (L)
Saturday May 14th        Valkenburg, (NL)

Scrutineering in Frankfurt

A large number of cars, including the foreign participants, still have to be inspected or re-inspected. In the Netherlands (Rosmalen) 25 cars have been rejected on their noise level. The participants concerned have been informed about this by the organization. Unfortunately, there is only one inspection lane available in Frankfurt. This lane will open around 12.00h. We advise you to first go through the scrutineering or reinspection and then start the Gravenburcher tour. Possibly, there will be cuing up for the inspection lane. Please let us all cooperate to try to run this process as smoothly as possible.

Corona update

At this moment the corona rules in Europe are limited, but a corona ticket is always necessary (for example the well-known QR code). As Organizing Committee, do not have our own policy. Everyone needs to conform to the rules which apply for the countries and locations the 68th Tulpenrallye visits. On the website www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl/reisadvies you can find more information.
Should anyone have any doubts about his or her health, a possible infection, etc., please use a quick Covid test immediately and report a positive test to a member of the Organizing Committee. If no test is available, ask a committee member for help in obtaining one.
To be sure, we recommend that you bring mouth masks and respect and be aware of the rules per country/location.

Finish at Chateau St. Gerlach

In the Netherlands there are no more restrictive measures concerning corona. The finish program can therefore take place in all its glory as before. Family and all spectators are welcome. The first cars will arrive around 15.30 hrs. As we had last year, there will be a performance by a Dutch artist around the finish podium.
For participants, volunteers, organization and guests’ dinner will start in the Pavilion of Chateau St. Gerlach with a glass of champagne. During dinner a number of prizes will be awarded. The honoring of the winners of the 68th Tulpenrallye will take place at around 22:00 hrs. outside in the dark. Chateau St. Gerlach and the finish podium will be festively lighted. Accompanied by the live sound of “Simply the Best” the winning team will be driven onto the podium.
Afterwards the Pavilion is converted for the musical and swinging “Rallye-Partye”. With Tulpenrallye participant and DJ Patrick Verzijden of the “Leidse Danssalon” we will conclude the 68th Tulpenrallye!

Hiscox water service

This year again, the Hiscox water service will be present during the rally. At the start on Monday, each participant will receive a Hiscox Tulpenrallye water bottle filled with fresh water. You can fill this bottle with water yourself every day. Every rally day the Hiscox water service will be present at an afternoon stop along the route. The Hertz bus of the Hiscox water service is equipped with an approved stainless steel drinking water tank. The drinking water is kept cool in this tank and is completely safe. Last year, a sponsor introduced the afternoon snack. Many participants responded positively to this. The organization will continue with this snack this year. The afternoon snack shall vary and we will try to include some fruit if available locally.

Belangrijke data

Important dates
  • Gravenbrucher Tour                       May 8th, 2022
  • 68th Tulpenrallye 2022                   May 8th to 14th, 2022
  • Finish at Chateau St. Gerlach        May 14th, 2022 from 15:30 hrs. 
  • 69th Tulpenrallye 2023                   May 7th to 13th, 2023




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