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Dear Rally Friends,

When the first tulips visibly rise above the ground, we know that spring is coming and the start of the Tulpenrallye is close by. In just over nine weeks, the 69th edition of the Tulpenrallye will start in Vichy (F). For many participants, the rally feeling is starting to itch and the cars are being prepared. The Tulpenrallye organization is also busy. In this newsletter, we pay attention to the new set-up of the lunches. And, among other things, we are introducing a new way of clocking in, replacing the PIX clock for example with the TC-IN and TC-UIT. GPS trackers will be deployed in the Touring and Expert classes for the first time this year And we are also renewing our cooperation with the KNAC, the Netherlands’ oldest automobile club.
We are anxious to see all participants during the Conformation Check (Prologue) on 15 April 2023 and look forward to the start of the rally on 7 May 2023 in Vichy!
Kind regards,
Organizing Committee 69th Tulpenrallye

Cooperation with KNAC

The KNAC is the Netherlands’ oldest automobile club and the Tulpenrallye the oldest Dutch rally. This calls for closer cooperation between these two organisations. There used to be such a cooperation in the past, as you can see by the photo of the start of the rally in 1951 in front of the KNAC headquarters. Recently, the KNAC management and the Tulpenrallye board agreed to revive the cooperation. This will be further worked out. Research among our Dutch participants indicates that around 25% are members of the KNAC.

PIX clock to be replaced

At the last edition of the Tulpenrallye, the results centre was further digitised. The aim was to reduce manual work, avoid errors and publish the results faster. For participants and organization, the new way of working took some getting used to, but the results were positive. Head of the results centre Maarten Kalk and clerk of the course Willem van Leeuwen drew up a wish list after the rally. Replacing the PIX clock is one of them. Processing the PIX times can only be done once the team has handed in the timecard at the end of the day. This year, we are using a system where participants ‘clock in’ the time using their participant badge. The times are then immediately available to the accounting department. We can use the system for the TC-IN and/or TC-UIT locations. Before the start of the rally in May, the operation will be explained in a Newsletter and an instructional video will be made available.

Coffee and afternoon stop

Once again this year, a short stop has been built into the morning and afternoon stages. In the morning at the well-known Detron coffee stop. There, as usual, two baristas will prepare coffee to your liking and taste. At the start on Monday morning, everyone receives a HISCOX refillable bottle filled with fresh water that you can refill at the HISCOX water point in the afternoon.

 The HISCOX water point contains fresh tap water transported in a special 1,000-litre stainless steel drinking water tank. This tank is cooled and thus keeps the water guaranteed fresh. These tanks from Tapwagen.nl are frequently used at large events and festivals.
The Tulpenrallye crew has a tasty or healthy snack for all participants at the afternoon stop.

Conformity Check (Prologue) (Dutch equipes)

In the previous Newsletter, the new date of the Conformation Check (Prologue) was communicated, Saturday April 15th, 2023. Unfortunately, the permit for the intended (special) venue is not yet final. This permit is expected to be issued in mid-March. We will keep you informed.
From many participants of the Alzheimer’s Rally, which will be held on Friday April 14th, 2023, we have received a question about the location of the Conformity Check. They have asked where they can stay overnight near the Conformity Check location. We recommend staying overnight near the finish line of the Alzheimer’s Rally in Duiven (NL). The distance to both our potential Conformity Check locations will then be about the same.

Lunches during the rally

For lunches, we have partnered with YveY. From Monday to Friday, a lunch stop will be set up along the route, as always, but now on the grounds of a chateau, campsite or circuit, for example. YveY has a gigantic truck-trailer from where YveY’s chefs and staff provide the lunch. Lunch is chosen and collected by the participants at the truck itself. Each day, there is a choice of soup, salad, hot snacks and sandwiches. All freshly prepared in the catering kitchen of the  truck-trailer. As a result we offer a more varied and healthy  lunch.
A large tent with tables and chairs will set up for lunch each day. Tulpenrallye volunteers set up the venue so that parking, toilets, the location of the accounting office and the TC-UIT are arranged the same as in previous years. An additional advantage of the new set-up is that we can better divide the lunch int stages when passing through very sparsely populated areas.

 We have known YveY for quite a few years as a sponsor of the Tulpenrallye. YveY takes care of the hospitality and catering services in a large number of Dutch football stadiums. They also operate at major events as a caterer. Examples include the Master of Lxry and the Concours de Elegance. The same truck-trailer is also used for lunches during the Tour de France. We think it is an exciting change to the proven concept.

Fire extinguisher: Tip from Bas Aalberts

During participation in the Tulpenrallye, in accordance with the regulations, the presence of a fire extinguisher is required. Bas Aalberts of Bas Auto Service tipped gave us the following tip. Small beginning fires are unfortunately a regular occurrence during a rally. These can be quickly extinguished with the fire extinguisher present. This prevents further damage. However, the residual damage when using a powder extinguisher is much greater than when using a foam extinguisher. Bas therefore recommends switching to a foam extinguisher. Please make sure to choose a frost-resistant variant!

Important dates

  • Digital transmission of acceptance letters      March 8th, 2023
  • Conformity check (Prologue)                          April 15th, 2023 
  • Practice ride and rally course                         April 15th, 2023
  • Practice ride Sunday Vichy                            May 7th, 2023
  • 69th Tulpenrallye 2023                                    7 to 13 of May, 2023




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