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Dear Rally Friends,

Today we have good news for everyone who registered for the 69th Tulpenrallye. All registrants have been placed on the participants list. At this moment there it is still possible to register, therefore we are not closing the registration yet. Potential equipes can still secure a place on the participants list now.
The Organizing Committee 69th Tulpenrallye is busy with the preparations for the upcoming Tulpenrallye. Special news about this (e.g. dinner with the mayor) is published in this Newsletter.
Kind regards,
Organizing Committee 69th Tulpenrallye

Status of registration

Registration for the 69th Tulpenrallye opened on November 5th, 2022. Many registrants have been received. In the Expert and Sporting classes, we are seeing the usual numbers of entries. In addition, we see many familiar faces in the Veterans and Touring classes. However, the number of registrants in the Touring class is declining somewhat. It is good to see that a number of participants from the 2022 Touring class are making the switch to Sporting class.
If you are not registered yet, at this moment it is still possible to register. Do you prefer to get in touch with someone of our organization before registering, please sent an email to rallyoffice@tulpenrallye.nl.

Tulpenrallye feeling

The Tulpenrallye is a rally with a very long history. It started as a speed rally and evaluated towards classic driving. Taking part in the Tulpenrallye is an experience for all participants. From the judging/prologue to the discharge on party night after the finish, new friendships are made during the rally week. There is solidarity, everyone is there for each other during the rally in case of problems or answers questions about the route and navigation constructions. A large group of participants, spread across all competition classes, have been competing for years. Family teams such as father or mother with son or daughter are increasingly common. We also see an influx of younger participants. Participants rated the Tulpenrallye with an 8.7 (DHRC survey 2022).

The competition classes

Expert – This class fits very experienced participants. The Route Chiefs ensure route constructions are complex, and there is map manipulation. The Expert class has an evening stage and thus drives the most kilometers in the Tulpenrallye.
Sporting – Experienced rally drivers feel at home in the sporting class. The route is about 90 similar to the Expert’s route, constructions are slightly simpler and map manipulation is less common.
Touring – The Touring class is ideally suited to crews with less or virtually no rally experience, For crews wishing to participate in a multi-day rally for the first time, the Touring class is very suitable. The Touring drives a simpler route. Map manipulation hardly ever occurs and the time schedule is more generous. Moreover, exceeding time by up to half an hour is not penalized. The Touring class is at the level of the touring class of many Dutch day rallies. By means of a training (course and practice ride), a practical course is handed out every year to prepare new participants. Newcomers are coached where necessary.
Veterans – This class drives routes with a calmer schedule and a route suitable for Vintage cars. The Veterans class has been a part of the Tulpenrallye since 2022 and is intended for crews who want to take it a bit easy.


Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee has driven the full route of the 69th Tulpenrallye. The Route Chiefs revealed in the last edition of “The Tulpenrallye aan tafel” (LINK –  Dutch only) that they strive for an even better and more challenging rally every year. Now that the route is set, we have no doubt that the Routechefs will succeed again. It will be a beautiful and balanced edition. Applications for exemptions and permits will go be send out this week.

Sponsor Logicx

Logicx has been involved in the Tulpenrallye as a sponsor for several years. They take care of the transport of rally cars from the Netherlands, and furthermore act as broom car and transport dropouts from the rally area. As an extra service, they carry some replacement transport cars that participants can hire, too. Logicx’s core business is providing transport for cars broken down due to breakdown or damage and providing replacement transport. In case of breakdown, they operate for some 6.5 million customers of the ANWB, various brands and lease companies. They carry this service throughout Europe. They also cooperate with just about all salvage companies in the Netherlands.

Sympathetic car transport offer

Many participants annually make use of the car transport offered by the Tulpenrallye using Logicx trucks. This is an important part of Logicx’s sponsorship. For many participants, it is a comforting feeling that the rally car is ready at the starting location without having to drive the approach route.
In this edition of the Tulpenrallye, flying or taking the train to the start location is a logistical challenge. The nearest airport for scheduled services is Lyon, about 2.5 hours’ drive from Vichy. Getting there by train is not easy either. Together with our sponsor Logicx we offer transfer by car/minibus from the airport to the Headquarter in Vichy. This service is exclusively for participants who are using the Tulpenrallye transport service powered by Logicx. The rally car will then be ready in Vichy. We are offering this service on  Saturday and Sunday. This offer also applies to anyone who has already booked car transport through registration. Car transport from 6 locations in the Netherlands including transfer from the airport to Vichy will cost €450,-. If you want to make use of this offer, all you need to do is send an e-mail to rallyoffice@tulpenrallye.nl. Make sure to mention at which location you wish to hand in the car. The choices are: Apeldoorn, Den Bosch, Valkenburg, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Oosterhout, all situated in The Netherland. There is a maximum of 40 places.

Visiting the mayor

In the 69th edition of the Tulpenrallye, we will dine at the community hall no less than three times. In the towns of Vichy, Troyes and Nancy, we will be guests in historic buildings of the respective municipalities. The photos enclosed will appeal to you!




Important date

  • Publication Participants list                                       November 20th, 2022
  • Proloog, location not yet known                                April 22th, 2023
  • 69th Tulpenrallye                                                       May 7th till 13th, 2023




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