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Dear Rally Friends,

Today we invite you to register for the 69th edition of the Tulpenrallye starting in Vichy (F) on May 7th, 2023. With this we will add a new chapter to the long Tulpenrallye history. For the most part, the route will largely pass-through France in 2023. The start is on Monday morning in Vichy, where we will finish in the evening, too. The next stops are Beaune, Troyes, Nancy and Luxembourg towards the finish in Valkenburg.
Today we also published the preliminary regulations on the Tulpenrallye website. A new entry category has been added. Besides the “Regular Entry” and the “Business Club” (formerly “Business Entry”), the “Tulpenrallye Member” is now introduced. Also included in the regulations is the new age limit of participating cars.
For us as Organizing Committee, the next phase of preparing for the Tulpenrallye starts. Obtaining the necessary permits is one of our important activities. With this year’s successful edition of the rally still fresh in mind, we are again highly motivated to organize the 69th edition of the Tulpenrallye for you. We are therefore looking forward to your entry and are excited to welcome you!
Kind regards,
Organizing Committee 69th Tulpenrallye





Registration for the 69th Tulpenrallye

As usual, registration for the 69th Tulpenrallye is by invitation only. This Newsletter is the invitation for the 69th Tulpenrallye. In addition, today we also publish today the preliminary regulations and HQ locations of the rally. Registration will open on Saturday November 5th, 2022 at 10.00 hrs and will close (if there are enough registrations) on Saturday November 12th 2022 at 20.00 hrs. There is no rush to register, take your time! This will give you the opportunity to register correctly and add current photos. If there are too many entries, a draw will be made, regardless of the date and time of your entry. On Sunday November 20th, 2022 at 20.00 hrs the initial list of participants will be put online.


HQ locations

The published preliminary regulations and the website list the HQ locations. These HQ locations are mostly used as start and/or finish locations in the Tulpenrallye. This is a convenient starting point for participants booking their own overnight venues. The HQ location in Troyes is not known at this time.



New: Tulpenrallye Member & Business Club

Various entry forms can be chosen at the Tulpenrallye. Until today, these were the Regular, Business and Sponsor/Partner registration. With the 69th Tulpenrallye, we are changing this. We are introducing, in addition to the Regular entry, the Tulpenrallye Member and Business Club entry. With the Tulpenrallye Member or Business Club registration, you support the Tulpenrallye organization with a financial contribution. With the contribution of Partners and Sponsors, supplemented by that of the Tulpenrallye Member and Business Club, we are able to organize the rally permanently at a high level : with the large group of travelling volunteers along the route and behind the scenes, the lunches & dinners and the experience and quality that is highly appreciated by participants. The new entry forms come with a number of specific benefits and conditions specified in the preliminary regulations published today.





Tulpenrallye route

As Organizing Committee, we know that our route managers Jan and Erwin Berkhof have set a great route. Some members of the Organizing Committee have in fact checked the route in recent weeks. We followed the daily schedule of the 69th Tulpenrallye as much as possible and stayed overnight at the selected HQ locations. The attached photos were taken last weeks and give a glimpse of the 2023 route. A reader of the Newsletter informed us that the Tulpenrallye also visited Troyes in 2011. He is right, in the last newsletter we made a mistake to announce that Troyes is a new place for the Tulpenrallye.






Important date

  • Opening registration at 10:00 o’clock                         November 5th, 2022
  • Closing registration at 20:00 hrs                                November 12th, 2022
  • Publication participants list                                         November 20th, 2022
  • Proloog                                                                       April 22th, 2023
  • 69th Tulpenrallye                                                        May 7th till 13th, 2023















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