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Dear Rally Friends,

The moment we have all been longingly awaiting has arrived, welcome to the 70th edition of the Tulpenrallye! It is our great pleasure to take you through the first ins & outs of this already unforgettable edition.

The 70th edition of the Tulpenrallye will start on Saturday 11 May 2024 in Bilbao in the Basque Country, Spain. After the “Tour Euskara” (practice ride) around Bilbao and the document check, all participants will be welcomed at the Guggenheim Museum for the welcome dinner. From this museum, the rally will start on Sunday 12 May. It will take the participating equipees via a route of over 2,500 kilometres in six days to the finish on Friday 17 May at the beautiful Hotel Le Grand Pavillon in Paris-Chantilly. This venue is ideally suited to a festive finish in Black-Tie.

The 70th edition of the oldest car rally in the Netherlands will therefore largely be held in the country where “the Tulip” has the most rally kilometres: France. This special edition would not be complete without a visit to Magny-Cours. This is home to an old Formula 1 circuit that we will not only drive over, but also dine on. To make the experience even more special, while dinner is going on the Expert class will drive the evening stage.

Registration, for equipees with cars built before 1 January 1974, will open on Sunday, 8 October at 16:00 CEST via www.tulpenrallye.nl.

Let’s look forward to new chapters together during this milestone edition. The Tulpenrallye is not just another event; it is a legacy, a testament to the enduring passion for rallying.

Kind regards,
Organising Committee 70th Tulpenrallye

Tulpenrallye aan tafel #11 (link)

Route 70th Tulpenrallye

11 May – Bilbao
12 May – Biarritz
13 May – Bordeaux
14 May – Limoges
15 May – Magny-Cours
16 May – Orléans
17 May – Parijs – Chantilly 

Route principals Tulpenrallye

Since the 61st edition, Jan and Erwin Berkhof have been the Tulpenrallye’s route principals. The 70th edition will also be mapped out by father and son Berkhof. We are pleased to announce that we have recently extended the agreement with Erwin and Jan Berkhof for the 71st to 73rd editions. In recent years, Jan was the initiator of the duo, Erwin was the genius in the background. From the 71st edition onwards, Erwin Berkhof will be the initiator supported by his father Jan. Together we will continue both the unique heritage of the Tulpenrallye, but also add contemporary elements to the rally to maintain our sensational experience.

Dutch herrings and corn wine at the SLS Classic finish

It is becoming a tradition, the Organising Committee of the Tulpenrallye attended the finish of the SLS in Eindhoven with fresh herrings and corn wine. A lively get-together ensued around our stand. Did you know that the SLS treats our participants to ‘bitterballen’ every year? At the Tulpenrallye, we do it the other way round. We provide the delicacies at the SLS. A nice interaction if asked!

Television broadcasts RTL7

Participants in the 69th Tulpenrallye may have noticed that the rally was followed by an extra camera team. This camera team made material specifically for three television broadcasts. Material that was not included in the daily videos. RTL7 broadcast these TV programmes and Werner Budding is the well-known presenter.

Sunday 24 September 2023 at 16.00 CEST
Sunday 1 October at 16.00 CEST
Sunday 8 October at 16.00 CEST
Every following Saturday it will be broadcast again.

Registration for the 70th Tulpenrallye

Registration for the 70th Tulpenrallye is by invitation only. This invitation will be send out on Saturday 7 October 2023. We will also publish the draft regulations and HQ locations of the rally at that same time. Registration will open on Sunday 8 October at 4pm and will close (if there are sufficient entries) on Sunday 29 October 2023 at 8pm. There is no haste to register, take your time! These 2 weeks will give the opportunity to enter correctly and add up-to-date photos. In case of too many entries, a lottery will be held, regardless of the date and time of your entry.

On Sunday 5 November 2023 at 8pm, the provisional participants list will be published online.

Pre-War class

In the rich history of the Tulpenrallye, Pre-War Cars have played a prominent role for many years. They are impressive cars of which both the equipe and car itself deserve respect. And even more special when a equipe finish the Tulpenrallye. We consulted a number of representatives from the PreWarCar world. Even before registration, we will have a meeting with a number of people interested in participating in this class. If this succeeds then the 70th Tulpenrallye will start with 4 classes: Expert, Sporting, Touring and Pre-War.


The Dutch Prologue will get an extra festive touch this edition. We are organising a programme for Saturday 20 April in which the day will end in a special Jubilee reception. This day will not only be attended by participants, but we also want to invite former winners and guests. So mark it down in your calendar. The location will be in the middle of the Netherlands, the programme will follow.

Trackers in all rally cars for speed checks
Trackers for all equipees

For the future of rally sport and for us as an organisation, road safety and minimising urban disturbance is important. This is also a hot item in Europe.  The 69th edition successfully experimented with Trackers from Moving Intelligence. The trackers allow the organisation to monitor and see when speed limits are enforced or exceeded which helps us apply for exemptions from authorities. Last year, the Touring and Expert classes drove with trackers with the result that there were hardly any speed violations in small villages and towns. Therefore, we have decided to make the tracker mandatory for all classes, starting from the 70th Tulpenrallye 2024.


Important data

1st TV broadcast Tulpenrallye, RTL 7 at 16:00 CEST      24 September 2023
Publication of draft regulations                                          7 October 2023
Invitations for participation in Tulpenrallye                        7 October 2023
Registration at 16:00 CEST                                               8 October 2023
Closing registration at 22:00 CEST                                   29 October 2023
Publication list of participants                                            5 November 2023
Prologue, location Netherlands                                         20 April 2024
70th Tulpenrallye                                                               11 to 17 May 2024

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